DIY and distressing furniture has definitely become more mainstream lately, and it seems like something you cant mess up. But it’s actually harder than it looks. Here are some of the common mistakes people make when trying to muss up theirfurniture:

1) Starting the sanding before the paint fully cures. You’ll want to wait a full 8+ hours before sanding, or your beautifully applied paint job could end up looking pilled like that old sweater of yours.

2) Using too harsh of sand paper. The higher the number the smoother the finish will be. Try 320-400 grit. Anything less than 220 will make it look like your angry cat got to it first.

3) Tint your primer to match your paint. If you are trying to get the wood to show through you will end up with the primer showing as well. Unless its tinted, or you like the white look…

With these tips in mind, go on distressing anything you’d like!
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Distressing Furniture