Spring Cleaning anyone? Garage sales are the best way get your home free of clutter, and make some cash while your’e at it! Here are some tips for having a great Garage Sale Day:

-Set a date about 2 weeks in advance to help motivate your family to go through their things. Goals help everyone stay on track.
-Price things to sell. You are trying to get rid of them anyway, so don’t get greedy when pricing your items.
-Arrange things so they look appealing to potential buyers. When things are thrown together in a pile it may send the wrong message about the quality of your items.
-You may consider selling other items too: Coffee, doughnuts, cookies, lemonade, etc. This helps the kids in more ways than one: feel useful, responsibility, confidence, and keeps them occupied!
-Set things up in the garage the day/night before and all you have to do is roll out of bed with your coffee and get ready to SELL SELL SELL!

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