Everyone loves DIY, but who has time for those projects? Weekends are spent cleaning, going to soccer games, catching up on your shows, or doing yard work. Not spending hours gluing mini eggs and yarn to styrofoam to make an Easter Wreath. (Or something similar that you’ll just throw out after the season is over.) We found some great project that can help spruce up your home for a long time, and make it look like you spent hours on it. Win – Win! Here are a couple of projects that you can say YOU made off of Pinterest, but really Chad The Handyman helped you make. Or if you have something else in mind, let us know. Shhhhh it will be our little secret!

Whether you collect People Magazine, National Geographic, or Sports Illustrated, chances are you hate throwing them away so soon. Who knows when you’ll need that great recipe to impress your luncheon guests. Here is a cute and creative way to hold them. Suitable for home or office!

mag holder


Keeping clutter off the garage floor. Need we say more?


Homework or study time doesn’t have to be boring. Keep things interesting with bright colors, different textures and a great way to organize all your thoughts and ideas.  work wall

What could you do with some crates, plywood and casters? Create the best place to rest your coffee or cocktail! Chad made another similar post on our Facebook page. Oh the things you can do with some milk crates!table 2

Perfect for the kids toy rooms, craft area, or even a substitute for the kitchen table. Combine some bookshelves, stain, and a nice counter top, and VOILA! You have a functional and inexpensive place where creativity can run rampant!table