Small spaces are always challenging for many consumers who are used to the “bigger is better” mentality. College students moving out of their parents house into a cramped dorm room, where you eat, sleep and study all in a mere 200 square feet, can be hard. Or even “empty nesters” downsizing to a condo. Whatever the situation, with these tricks, you can make ANY small space a beautiful and functional one.

Raise the roof! — or the bed! Dorm
Bed raisers help add some valuable real estate to your floor space. They are inexpensive and easy to install. So evict the dust bunnies, and move in some functional storage bins. Bonus: find containers with rollers on the bottom for easier access.

Dorm 5Matchy-Matchy 
Coordinate colors throughout to make it feel calming and inviting. Too many colors can make a space look cluttered and chaotic. Stick with one or two main colors (such as yellow, purple, green, etc.) and then add in neutrals (like tans whites or blacks) as you see fit. Remember, less is more.

No Time For Cleaning? Dorm 2
Curtains — not just for windows — make wonderful clutter keepers. Put one in front of the overflowing closet or between you and your messy roommate (see below for more ideas) to hide your unorganized shoe collection or dirty laundry. You could even hang one on the wall (or a few) to create a beautiful wallpaper or tapestry that is easy to take down or change out.

dorm 6Presto Change-o! 
Finding pieces that are multi-functioning are essential in small spaces. A desk that acts as a dining table. A futon that pulls out into a bed. Curtains that are room dividers. Every square inch is valuable, so use them wisely!

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