Why are we so passionate about protection?

When you hire an unlicensed contractor to do work on your property, or you fail to secure the necessary permits for that work, you are doing just that.

Here’s why: When a general contractor takes on a job, they’ll hand off parts of it to one or more subcontractors. But the general contractor has overall responsibility for legal compliance, safety, quality of workmanship and just about everything else that happens on the job site.

General contractors therefore take on a ton of responsibility. With that comes an equal measure of potential liability. That’s why licensed and responsible general contractors carry a lot of insurance, from con

tractors’ liability insurance to workers compensation insurance.

“Here” are some stories from other Contractors who failed to protect their Homeowners, and some from those who did.

We don’t want to just earn your business, we want to do the job right, and safely. Saving dollars means, someone is skipping steps and could potentially sue you later on. And if you didn’t do you research, there is nothing you can do about it.